Color Me Mad (Hair by Jessica)

Meet Jessica Allen!

Meet Jessica Allen. I sat down with her at Angela’s Haven in Rocky Mount to talk to her about her business. She is very personable so it’s no wonder that she was easy to talk to.

She told me that as she was growing up she enjoyed doing hair for her friends. As a teen she was into makeup, highlighting her friends hair and coloring her mom’s. When a friend of hers started hair school, she had an epiphany and wanted to go back to school with stylist aspirations. 

Jessica getting started on Gina's new look.


She began Mitchell’s in Wilson in January 2016 and graduated in January of 2017. Immediately she began working at Mitchell’s Hair Salon and it helped her get a solid start. Starting Angela’s Haven in May 2017 she has been flourishing and realizing her dream.

As an artistic soul, she enjoys the creative freedom that comes with styling the hair of her clients. She enjoys showing them different ways to make their hairstyle their own. Jessica’s best-loved style is a pixie because it’s different and                                                       usually one of a kind.

Although styling hair is her favorite, she also appreciates the art of cutting. She notes, “Every stylist cuts different, with a unique quality and perspective”. Vivid colors also inspire her, as seen on Gina in the image shown below.

Gina's new 'do'.

Jessica told me that if she had one word to describe herself it would be ‘abnormal’. Then she quickly says she chose that word because she is different but in a good and meaningful way.

Speaking of meaningful, using her talents in a worthwhile way is important to her. That’s why she spends two days a week at Autumn Care Rehabilitation Center in Nashville. Doing the residents hair helps her use her skills for a greater purpose and helps them remember others care.

Jessica believes it's necessary to let the community and potential clients know that her business is inclusive and broad. She is open to up-styles, relaxers, perms, classic and youthful styles, ethnic and cultural styles, and so on. With certifications in JoiCo Color, Kuene Color, and Brazilian Blowout, she is ready to embrace a diverse client base.

Contact Jessica Allen today! All first time clients receive 15% off a color service. To reach her on Facebook, it’s Color Me Mad Hair by Jessica. You can also call or text her at (252) 377-7762.

Go get your new look in 2018. Jessica is ready to set your appointment. Contact her for available appointment times.

Hair by Deanna

Deanna Boyd has always wanted to be a hair stylist. As far back as she can remember it has always been a passion of hers. She recalls playing with her mom’s hair as she was growing up and telling her family’s hair stylist she would be just like her some day.

She has worked hard to make her dream a reality. A graduate of Mitchell’s Academy in Wilson, NC, Deanna is now a stylist at Sophe’ Grais Hair Studio.

She graduated from Mitchell’s in September of 2016 and began to work as a stylist at a local franchised hair salon. However, she realized that she didn’t have the creative freedom she was looking for. She has since found Sophe' Grais to be a great fit for who she wants to be as a stylist.

Deanna really enjoys wedding styles and updos, but says she also likes doing cuts and colors. She especially enjoyed working on a recent mix of funky colors for a client. The colors were a combination of mint green, sky blue and light purple. You can see her work in her portfolio at

Describing her self in one word, she said she is creative. She can put her own little twist into any style, fashioning it into a work of art. She considers specializing in weddings in the future. Still Deanna enjoys being a universal stylist and is excited about where she is right now.

Need a new hairstyle?

Ready for a change?

Deanna is ready to help you get the style you desire.

Contact her at (252) 903-1143 to make your appointment. Her hours are Tuesday through Friday from 9am to 5pm and every other Saturday from 9am to 2pm. Sophe' Grais Hair Studio is located at 2403 Wooten Blvd., Suite J, Wilson, NC 27893.

Arrival of a Beautiful Day (Art to Remember Followup)


Although it’s been a bit chilly lately, it is still a beautiful day. A beautiful day with sunshine, butterflies, birds and flowers just like the picture our little artist drew for her school’s Art To Remember project. Back in January, I posted a blog about this great concept where your child draws a picture and you can have it printed on numerous items as a keepsake. I think it is such a neat idea, because just like timeless images it will hold special memories for a lifetime. We just received the products we ordered with our daughter’s picture embedded and they are awesome. Check them out to the left. We decided on a garden flag, magnet, t-shirt, print, and ceramic plate. These are just a few of the items you can get as they have many to choose from. I don’t have any affiliation with Art to Remember other than buying products through our school fundraiser. I just believe they offer mementos that are unique for children and families. Check out the website at You don’t have to be affiliated with a school to create a keepsake. If you order, please tell us about it here on this blog or on our Facebook page. We'd love to hear about and see what your little artist creates. 

Product Review - Image Blocks

Product Review:  Image Blocks

At Lightstone Images, LLC, we offer many products to help our clients display their best-loved images. One of our favorites to show them is Image Blocks. They are made of sturdy composite wood, and the image is laminated and wrapped around the block. We like the blocks for several reasons:

First, they are great for a theme. As you can see in the image shown, they fit nicely displaying the many faces of a high school senior about to graduate. They could also be used to show the many wonderful moments of an engagement or even some spontaneous family fun and smiles.

The second thing that makes them special is you can get them in many sizes ranging from 4x6 to 24x30. Depending on the different formats of favorite images, you may want square or rectangle or even a mix of shapes when you build your own wall décor collage. If you’re not sure of what you want, we can help by recommending what size will best suit the format for the image you want displayed.

Next, the Image Blocks don’t only come in threes. You can get as many as you like in different sizes for that collage you want to make.

Lastly, they are just simply beautiful wall décor. And what makes them so beautiful is when they display the moments that mean the most to you and your loved ones.

If you are interested in finding out more about these image blocks and other great products we offer, just call us. We are more than happy to set up a free consultation to discuss session details and product offers with you based on your needs. We look forward to hearing from you. Have a great day!


Derrick and Jenny

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Fun time at Studio 1700

It doesn't feel like work when you enjoy it. 

We had a great time with the mini sessions we did last weekend. Here is a behind the scenes image of Derrick at work with his camera in hand. The sessions took place at Studio 1700 in Wilson. Sherry Woolard, stylist at Studio 1700, did amazingly beautiful work on the hair.  We are very happy with the great images we were able to create. The ladies did a wonderful job smiling and posing. These mini sessions were something special we did with Sherry and some of her beautiful clients. If you need a great hairstylist in your life, you can contact Sherry at 252-955-4768. If you’re interested in a mini session or a full session, please email us at or call 252-903-9290 / 252-908-4498. You can also visit our website for more information, We look forward to hearing from you!

Autumn in North Cackalacky

This is the first blog we've written in several months. Please excuse our long absence. Transplanting back home to NC has been a very long transition....and we're still transitioning. But, we're getting up and running here under our new name Lightstone Images, LLC. Being back home has been great, and one of the reasons is we get to experience all four seasons again. Fall time in NC is amazing as most of y'all already know. But, we haven't seen it in quite a few years, so the colors are all the more stunning to us. One of our favorite things to do is ride around and find pictures to make.  So, we did that today. It left us feeling the warmth of being back home. Let us know what you feel when you see North Cackalacky in Autumn through our perspective lens. We will enjoy hearing from you! 

Old Farm House in Nash County

A Walk Through the Woods

Tar River Train Trestle

Expressions of Color

Wrapping Up Oki

We have certainly enjoyed our time in beautiful Okinawa, Japan.  Now, it's time to move on with our journey (more to come on that later). 

This is an image from our last family session here on island.  As always, we had a great time with this wonderful family session.  This is the first image of the day and turns out to be our personal favorite.

Oh The Places You'll Go...In Okinawa!

Five Great Places to Visit in Okinawa

We are those people who love to take road trips that allow us to explore new places. Sometimes we have a destination in mind, other times we don’t. Even with a destination, we may not make it there if the neat things we find along the way distract us. Okinawa has fed this love of ours with so many opportunities to discover an amazing culture of people, places and things. I thought it would be worthwhile to make a list of some of these places. They are not necessarily in any order of favoritism.

1. Kouwa Garden – This little gem seems hidden away even though it’s really not. It is a bonsai garden located between Kurashiki Dam and Southeast Botanical Garden (not far from Kadena Air Base gate 3). This facility is part of the Kouwa-kai group. It is free to walk around and enjoy the beautiful trees and flowers. Although we haven’t had the opportunity to watch, they also have Ryukyu dance/music shows. You just need to call and make a reservation since there doesn’t appear to be a set schedule (098) 974-9400). This place offers a small glimpse of traditional Okinawa that you don’t want to miss. 

At work in Kouwa Garden

2. Ogimi Village – An Okinawan village known for it’s longevity, shiquasa citrus fruit (also spelled shikuwasa), and Bashofu cloth. There is so much tradition, culture and amazing nature here. Riding around the area, we came across the Mutabaru Observatory with the most beautiful view. We also saw lots of shiquasa trees. We didn’t have the opportunity to meet any of the residents associated with the village’s longevity or explore nature as we wanted, but we will go back. We did, however, eat lunch at a wonderful little café and our daughter received a special gift bag of shiquasa to bring home.  They were delicious as expected. Follow 58 north, you’ll find the village past Nago.

Shiquasa in Ogimi Village

3. Onna Village – Take 58 north towards Nago and you’ll pass straight through Onna. This spot has so much to offer in the way of restaurants, shops, and interesting neighborhoods to walk or drive through. Although it was a sleepy area some years back, it is now a tourism area due to the resorts there.  The Moon Beach Resort has a wonderful beach worth checking out. Also located in Onna are Ryukyu Mura (recreated historical Ryukyu village), Manzamo(breathtaking scenic spot), and Kenmin no mori - Forest Park (park combining sports and nature).

Ryukyu Mura in Onna

4. Gala Aoiumi- Located in Yomitan, this is the place to be if you want to do pottery, make salt, blow glass, see castle ruins, or visit a coral farm. Don’t forget to have lunch or dinner at Ocean’s Pizza while there. It is worth it! Just around the corner from Gala is a fun go-cart track and Murasaki Mura (old movie set turned theme park), which offers more crafts.

5. Any New Road – Okay, this isn’t really a place, I know. But if you’re adventurous enough, you can find some of the neatest places just by taking a road you’ve never been on before.  Then you just keep taking different roads as you explore. Getting “lost” will be worth the road trip as you immerse yourself into a different culture. Don’t worry, it’s an island so you will eventually find something familiar to get you back on track. And if you don’t, just use your trusty map app. If all else fails, ask a local.

So, go grab some travel mates and hit the road for your next trip. The springtime weather is nice so take advantage of it before it gets too hot to enjoy being outside. Oh, and don’t forget your camera, you’re going to need it.

Composing An Image (Part 3)

Part 3 – Finding Perspective

In the two previous posts about composition, we discussed Rule of Thirds and background. That brings us to the last blog in the series with a focus on perspective. Usually when we shoot an image, we do it from eye level right where we are standing. That will result in a nice photo, but wouldn’t it be neat to have a different perspective. 

Taking the time to walk around the subject we want to photograph will likely change our viewpoint, resulting in different interpretations.  Move forward and backward, get high and low.  Climb a tree or lie on the ground to look for any perspective that is different from the normal view. It may require constant reminders to yourself, but after awhile it will become second nature and your images will be truly unique.  I continually remind myself to move around. When I do, it shows a growth in my skill level. You will definitely shoot more creative images when your feet aren’t planted too firmly.

If your subject is portable like the flowers in the images here, then move it around to see different perspectives. These are just wildflowers sitting on the car dashboard. My daughter picked them for me while we were on a road trip, so I wanted to take a picture for memory sake.  I tried to look for different kinds of angles at which to shoot the flowers.  There are numerous other photos I could have shot of these simple flowers, had I taken the time.

Well, this wraps up the segment on composition. When you're taking pictures, I hope you will try any or all of these three easy tips for composing your image. Even a small change can make a huge improvement when you practice.

Happy snapping to you! See you back here soon for our next post. 


Composing An Image (Part 2)

Part 2- What's that in the Background?


Running through Onna

Last week we focused on using the Rule of Thirds to help compose an image. Hopefully you took some time to practice on that if you’re following this blog. But, this week we will talk about the background. I love taking pictures, but I am very guilty of not always noticing what’s in my background. Sometimes, I’m just hurried to get the shot before it passes me by; other times I just don’t take the time to look around the frame like I should. There are images where I don’t mind a lot going on as it only adds to the “feel” of what is captured and helps to highlight the subject. But, there are a lot of times when I wish I had a cleaner, less distracting background. Sure, I can edit some things out, but if I can get it right in camera, that’s less work later on. Although editing is very helpful and fun, it can be time consuming and difficult. So, if I can just be more mindful of what is in my frame, then I’ll be improving my skill in a simple yet meaningful way. This image of the runner is a prime example. If I had just moved myself a little, the pole behind him wouldn’t be an issue. Even though it’s blurry and not in focus, I think it spoils an otherwise nice shot. Remember though, this is about composition; so if you want it there, leave it. If you don’t, just move until it’s out of the background, or zoom in/out. You could also consider moving your subject a bit, if possible and feasible. These are just quick and easy ways to cleanup your image. Please visit the link below to a good article for more detailed tips on other things you can do.

Next week is the last segment on composition. It will be about perspective. So, please tune back in. Thanks for reading!

Composing An Image (Part 1)

“Your eye must see a composition or an expression that life itself offers you, and you must know with intuition when to click the camera.” – Henri Cartier-Bresson

This blog is the first of three posts about composition in photography. No matter our knowledge level, we can all afford to get better at taking pictures. Therefore, I just want to offer a few guidelines on ways you can compose an image to perhaps make it more interesting. In order to keep it simple I have chosen three (out of many) tips to concentrate on. I believe photography is subjective. As individuals, we can look at the same image and see different aspects of it, or interpret it in distinct ways. In that manner, we can photograph the same subject and compose it so differently that our images are nothing alike. This is why I find composition to be so important. We can learn to photograph everything (even our daily lives) from a standpoint that no one else has; making that view and subsequent photo extremely unique. And the best thing is, it doesn’t have to be complicated or hard to do. Practicing a few simple tips can make all the difference.

But first, what is composition anyway? Simply put, defines it as: ‘the way in which something is put together or arranged: the combination of parts or elements that make up something’. With this in mind let’s start with the first tip, Rule of Thirds.

Part 1 - Rule of Thirds

Essentially this rule breaks down an image into thirds, vertically and horizontally. So, you have a grid with four points of intersection. As you can see from the image/grid, the subject is off center. People often center the subject in a photo. Following the Rule of Thirds helps us break out of that monotony and create much more interesting images. By placing the subject at the points of intersection of the grid lines, there is more balance to the photo. With the subject not centrally located, she has been placed much more naturally to the viewer’s eye. If your camera has a grid option, make sure it’s turned on to help you. If you don’t have a grid view, eye it the best you can. You can also crop the photo in editing if needed to help align it along the grid how you want. And remember, although it says “Rule”, rules can be broken. So, once you learn how to apply it, feel free to break it when you feel the need.

Next week, we will talk about backgrounds; specifically, how to look within the frame for items that may clutter your image. Then you can change the frame to remove any unwanted items before you snap the picture. So please come back for Part 2 of this blog segment. In the meantime, I hope you can practice working with the Rule of Thirds. And feel free to share any images you get during your practice on our Facebook page at

Nursing Home Visit

Last week I visited a local nursing home as a volunteer with a great group of people. What an experience! I haven’t been to a nursing home as a volunteer since I was a kid. My aunt took me along with her during the Christmas season, although she helped out there on a regular basis. I remember I was excited to go help, but that experience ended up leaving me confused and nervous. Most of the elderly ladies were so sweet and gushed over my sister and I as if we were their granddaughters. But, a particular elderly man still sticks out in my head, as he didn’t seem to care for kids our age. We were trying hard to help by being social and serving food, but he didn’t want us near him. Whatever his reasoning was, I can respect it and understand now, but as a kid it hurt and confused me. The only times I went back to a nursing home after that was to visit several elderly family members. But, my recent experience has taught me some lessons. We are all people, old or young. We all have feelings even when we don't understand each other. We all have something to offer each other even if we don't realize it. I went on last weeks visit hoping to offer something positive to the residents. But, I was the one who received the most from them. Now, I just wish I could go back to that moment as a kid and try to understand.