Piper, the Christmas Elf

Hi, I'm Piper the elf. Merry Christmas!

Meet Piper Noel, Kenly's Christmas elf. She arrived today from the North Pole per Santa's order. Her arrival is a bit late since it's already December 6th, but that's ok. It appears she is new at being a Christmas elf and was still in training. She arrived very simply by showing up in our pinecone wreath. When Kenly first spotted her there was a moment of confusion, then everything went back to normal like Piper wasn't even there. I wonder how normal things will be when Kenly wakes up in the morning to find Piper sitting in her favorite chair eating her favorite Goldfish snacks. Piper is our newest holiday family tradition and we plan on having her visit each Christmas season for many years to come. We hope Piper's Christmas magic will help us teach Kenly about the kind and loving spirit of CHRISTmas! Please share your favorite holiday family traditions with us and help spread the cheer!