Nursing Home Visit

Last week I visited a local nursing home as a volunteer with a great group of people. What an experience! I haven’t been to a nursing home as a volunteer since I was a kid. My aunt took me along with her during the Christmas season, although she helped out there on a regular basis. I remember I was excited to go help, but that experience ended up leaving me confused and nervous. Most of the elderly ladies were so sweet and gushed over my sister and I as if we were their granddaughters. But, a particular elderly man still sticks out in my head, as he didn’t seem to care for kids our age. We were trying hard to help by being social and serving food, but he didn’t want us near him. Whatever his reasoning was, I can respect it and understand now, but as a kid it hurt and confused me. The only times I went back to a nursing home after that was to visit several elderly family members. But, my recent experience has taught me some lessons. We are all people, old or young. We all have feelings even when we don't understand each other. We all have something to offer each other even if we don't realize it. I went on last weeks visit hoping to offer something positive to the residents. But, I was the one who received the most from them. Now, I just wish I could go back to that moment as a kid and try to understand.