Can You Feel It?

Dancing to the beat of the rhythm of the night!

It's Obon time in Okinawa. The Eisa Drummers are practicing, the locals are celebrating and the Pittmans are just plain curious. So, we ventured out into our neighborhood a few nights ago to check things out. Hearing drums, we followed the sound that led us to a small celebration. After parking the car and walking along with the drummers, dancers and everyone else, we ended up in a  parking lot full of dump trucks. The drummers and dancers started the celebration again and we all clapped and bounced along to the rhythm. A few drunk guys bounced, clapped and fell; then danced and clapped along again (but hey they were celebrating too). An elderly lady came out onto her balcony in her nightgown, danced for a minute then went back in and turned her light off. The prized trophy winning bull (yes, you read that right) at the house beside the lot just kept eating and stomping, caring less about the festivities and noise. What a scene! What a moment! Oh and the attached he isn't one of the drunk guys, he is just truly feeling the music!