Five Reasons to Take Pictures Today!

1. A photo helps you remember the moment with more clarity - You think you will vividly remember “that” moment. I mean, it was epic, so you know you won’t forget it. But be honest with yourself, is your memory really that great with all that’s on your agenda these days. And think about it…how about all the ‘epic moment’ photographs you come across from your past that take you distinctly back to that exact moment in time.


2. It eases stress - There are numerous articles on stress relief that state how visualization helps ease stress. Looking through your lens or viewfinder to capture a great shot is a great way to accomplish this. A few of these articles even say that nature images de-stress people the most. So, grab your camera and find that beautiful landscape to capture. You’ll feel better if you do.

3. Life is always changing - Things just don’t stay the same. There is a quote by Greek philosopher, Heraclitus, that “the only thing that is constant is change”. For this reason alone pictures are vitally important. Loved ones pass away, interests and hobbies may fade, and babies will grow up; but you will always have those memories thanks to the photos that were taken.

4. They help you find your creativity - In my opinion, photography is an art and I believe art is subjective. When you are the creator of an image, it’s yours. You made it happen. You made it come to life. If it inspires and moves you, then create it by pressing that shutter button. You might just be surprised at how much of an artist you are inside.

5. We can better appreciate everyday life through a photo - Sure, we all take pictures at special events and important occasions. But, life is lived all day everyday, not just at “special” times. See that adorable little guy in the image; that’s an everyday moment. It might just look like a cute crying kid to you, but you can bet his mama appreciates this picture and remembers the exact moment it was taken.