Day Tripping to IeJima

Ie Island is a beautiful and historic place just off the north coast of Okinawa. A 30 minute relaxing ferry ride from Motobu Port will get you there. Once there, you can drive or bike around the island. Popular attractions are Mt Gusuku, war tributes and monuments, caves, lookout points, lily fields (springtime of course),  a small (yet nice) resort, and of course beaches and water activities. This little island is packed full of day trip things to see and do. And if you need more time, you can book a stay at the resort or take another day trip. We just enjoy riding the ferry and day tripping ourselves. Because, you just can't go wrong with the amazing coastal views, sea air, traditional Okinawan vibe, and historical aspects you find on IeJima. Take a moment and enjoy the view! 

Amazing Coastal View of Ie Island