Autumn in North Cackalacky

This is the first blog we've written in several months. Please excuse our long absence. Transplanting back home to NC has been a very long transition....and we're still transitioning. But, we're getting up and running here under our new name Lightstone Images, LLC. Being back home has been great, and one of the reasons is we get to experience all four seasons again. Fall time in NC is amazing as most of y'all already know. But, we haven't seen it in quite a few years, so the colors are all the more stunning to us. One of our favorite things to do is ride around and find pictures to make.  So, we did that today. It left us feeling the warmth of being back home. Let us know what you feel when you see North Cackalacky in Autumn through our perspective lens. We will enjoy hearing from you! 

Old Farm House in Nash County

A Walk Through the Woods

Tar River Train Trestle

Expressions of Color