Composing An Image (Part 3)

Part 3 – Finding Perspective

In the two previous posts about composition, we discussed Rule of Thirds and background. That brings us to the last blog in the series with a focus on perspective. Usually when we shoot an image, we do it from eye level right where we are standing. That will result in a nice photo, but wouldn’t it be neat to have a different perspective. 

Taking the time to walk around the subject we want to photograph will likely change our viewpoint, resulting in different interpretations.  Move forward and backward, get high and low.  Climb a tree or lie on the ground to look for any perspective that is different from the normal view. It may require constant reminders to yourself, but after awhile it will become second nature and your images will be truly unique.  I continually remind myself to move around. When I do, it shows a growth in my skill level. You will definitely shoot more creative images when your feet aren’t planted too firmly.

If your subject is portable like the flowers in the images here, then move it around to see different perspectives. These are just wildflowers sitting on the car dashboard. My daughter picked them for me while we were on a road trip, so I wanted to take a picture for memory sake.  I tried to look for different kinds of angles at which to shoot the flowers.  There are numerous other photos I could have shot of these simple flowers, had I taken the time.

Well, this wraps up the segment on composition. When you're taking pictures, I hope you will try any or all of these three easy tips for composing your image. Even a small change can make a huge improvement when you practice.

Happy snapping to you! See you back here soon for our next post.