Composing An Image (Part 2)

Part 2- What's that in the Background?


Running through Onna

Last week we focused on using the Rule of Thirds to help compose an image. Hopefully you took some time to practice on that if you’re following this blog. But, this week we will talk about the background. I love taking pictures, but I am very guilty of not always noticing what’s in my background. Sometimes, I’m just hurried to get the shot before it passes me by; other times I just don’t take the time to look around the frame like I should. There are images where I don’t mind a lot going on as it only adds to the “feel” of what is captured and helps to highlight the subject. But, there are a lot of times when I wish I had a cleaner, less distracting background. Sure, I can edit some things out, but if I can get it right in camera, that’s less work later on. Although editing is very helpful and fun, it can be time consuming and difficult. So, if I can just be more mindful of what is in my frame, then I’ll be improving my skill in a simple yet meaningful way. This image of the runner is a prime example. If I had just moved myself a little, the pole behind him wouldn’t be an issue. Even though it’s blurry and not in focus, I think it spoils an otherwise nice shot. Remember though, this is about composition; so if you want it there, leave it. If you don’t, just move until it’s out of the background, or zoom in/out. You could also consider moving your subject a bit, if possible and feasible. These are just quick and easy ways to cleanup your image. Please visit the link below to a good article for more detailed tips on other things you can do.

Next week is the last segment on composition. It will be about perspective. So, please tune back in. Thanks for reading!