Arrival of a Beautiful Day (Art to Remember Followup)


Although it’s been a bit chilly lately, it is still a beautiful day. A beautiful day with sunshine, butterflies, birds and flowers just like the picture our little artist drew for her school’s Art To Remember project. Back in January, I posted a blog about this great concept where your child draws a picture and you can have it printed on numerous items as a keepsake. I think it is such a neat idea, because just like timeless images it will hold special memories for a lifetime. We just received the products we ordered with our daughter’s picture embedded and they are awesome. Check them out to the left. We decided on a garden flag, magnet, t-shirt, print, and ceramic plate. These are just a few of the items you can get as they have many to choose from. I don’t have any affiliation with Art to Remember other than buying products through our school fundraiser. I just believe they offer mementos that are unique for children and families. Check out the website at You don’t have to be affiliated with a school to create a keepsake. If you order, please tell us about it here on this blog or on our Facebook page. We'd love to hear about and see what your little artist creates.