Color Me Mad (Hair by Jessica)

Meet Jessica Allen!

Meet Jessica Allen. I sat down with her at Angela’s Haven in Rocky Mount to talk to her about her business. She is very personable so it’s no wonder that she was easy to talk to.

She told me that as she was growing up she enjoyed doing hair for her friends. As a teen she was into makeup, highlighting her friends hair and coloring her mom’s. When a friend of hers started hair school, she had an epiphany and wanted to go back to school with stylist aspirations. 

Jessica getting started on Gina's new look.


She began Mitchell’s in Wilson in January 2016 and graduated in January of 2017. Immediately she began working at Mitchell’s Hair Salon and it helped her get a solid start. Starting Angela’s Haven in May 2017 she has been flourishing and realizing her dream.

As an artistic soul, she enjoys the creative freedom that comes with styling the hair of her clients. She enjoys showing them different ways to make their hairstyle their own. Jessica’s best-loved style is a pixie because it’s different and                                                       usually one of a kind.

Although styling hair is her favorite, she also appreciates the art of cutting. She notes, “Every stylist cuts different, with a unique quality and perspective”. Vivid colors also inspire her, as seen on Gina in the image shown below.

Gina's new 'do'.

Jessica told me that if she had one word to describe herself it would be ‘abnormal’. Then she quickly says she chose that word because she is different but in a good and meaningful way.

Speaking of meaningful, using her talents in a worthwhile way is important to her. That’s why she spends two days a week at Autumn Care Rehabilitation Center in Nashville. Doing the residents hair helps her use her skills for a greater purpose and helps them remember others care.

Jessica believes it's necessary to let the community and potential clients know that her business is inclusive and broad. She is open to up-styles, relaxers, perms, classic and youthful styles, ethnic and cultural styles, and so on. With certifications in JoiCo Color, Kuene Color, and Brazilian Blowout, she is ready to embrace a diverse client base.

Contact Jessica Allen today! All first time clients receive 15% off a color service. To reach her on Facebook, it’s Color Me Mad Hair by Jessica. You can also call or text her at (252) 377-7762.

Go get your new look in 2018. Jessica is ready to set your appointment. Contact her for available appointment times.