At the Park

Kenly and Fayer Slide-0115.jpg

Hello there! So sorry we have been unintentionally hiding out for the last week and a half. Thanks for sticking with us and checking back to see what's new. As for what's new....we had a wonderful day at the park yesterday with our friends. Our daughters played together so well as the best little friends they are. And, all the adults had a blast as well just watching them play and enjoying the beautiful day outside. As we walked around, Derrick and I were discussing all the interesting photo opportunities that we saw. There were kids on bikes, families in paddle boats, elderly people exercising, baseball games, grandparents feeding the fish with their grandchildren, mothers and toddlers sliding together on the playground equipment and so much more. Everywhere we looked there was a great photo to be snapped. And of course we had a camera with us so we took advantage of the situation and got some shots.  Derrick snapped a really cute shot of the girls as they played on the slide. Check them out here. After we came home and looked at our images from the day, we talked about how there is a photograph in nearly everything we see and do. We just have to be able to recognize and take it. So, here is a question for you....what draws your eye and mind in to make you want to snap a photo of it? What kinds of things do you find interesting that make you want to capture the moment? Please share your thoughts and opinions with us. Thanks for your time and we look forward to hearing from you.