Our photography session packages are of the simplest design around. We understand the growing desire for digital images and have built our packages with this in mind.  

Two simple factors are considered in our session packages.

1.  The length of the session:

This time includes wardrobe and location changes.  Starting at 30 minute sessions for singles and couples to 2 hour sessions for groups of 3 or more, we are sure to offer a session to meet your needs.

2.  The number of digital images included with the package:

All images included with the package come with a print release. We take our time to choose only the best images. Then we carefully retouch them as needed in order to showcase our subjects at their best.  

For your convenience we also offer a variety of display options.  See our Products page for more detail on available product display offerings.

Package fees shown below do not include N.C. sales/service tax. 

Package fees are valid within 40 miles of Goldsboro, NC. Anything beyond 40 miles may incur a travel fee of $0.50 per additional mile. 

$600 Package

  • 2          Hour Session
  • 20        Digital Images

$450 Package

  • 1  1/2   Hour Session
  • 15        Digital Images

$300 Package

  • 1          Hour Session
  • 10        Digital Images

$150 Package 

  • 1/2      Hour Session
  • 5         Digital Images
  • This package is only available to singles and couples.